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Computer Recycling is more specialist then just general IT Disposal 

Computers contain information stored on Hard Drives and because of this need to be handled in a secure manner. 

All computers collected by Secure IT Asset Disposal are stored for period of 7 days to allow for any returns that may be required due to mistaken asset or data requirements. once the cooling off period has passed we will catalogue all of your redundant computers, noting

  • Make,  Model,  Serial Number, Asset Tag, Hard Drive Serial number

This allows us to provide you with a full asset listing of the items removed for recycling. 

where possible as much equipment will be reused either by donations to charities or to schools, equipment which is not reusable is dismantled and all components are recycled inline with current EU regulations on WEEE. 

we operate a  0% landfill policy

0845 644 5303 

*Hard drives are securely destroyed by way of physical shredding, any items donated to charity will be supplied with new hard drives supplied by SITAD



General IT Equipment


The term IT Disposal covers a broad range of equipment which can be recycled, this could include

  • Monitors

  • Printers

  • Plotters

  • Scanners

  • Switches

  • Hubs

  • Projectors

  • Keyboards & Mice

  • Misc Items

all of which can be recycled with the right know how and facilities

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