Secure IT Asset Disposal  & Computer Recycling Solutions 

Looking for a safe, secure, cost effective and environmentally friendly recycling option for your end of life equipment? 

 Secure IT Asset Disposal Limited is licensed by the Environment Agency for the collection and treatment of redundant and obsolete IT and Computer related Equipment. 

Get in touch using the form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Collections can usually be arranged within 48 hours of initial contact. One of our teams will arrive and remove all of your redundant equipment, leaving you with a Waste transfer note and much needed space in your office.

Destruction Certificates will be issued within 7 days 

this whole process is FREE of charge 


Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic

Collections have become paperless and where possible contactless. No paperwork will be given onsite and no signatures will be required. transfer notes will be emailed on completion of any collection. 

Collections are still available 6 days a week. if you have any equipment for disposal please contact us using the form below or email 

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We use unmarked vehicles to carry out all of our collections, all of these vehicles are Euro 6 standard which has limits set to reduce toxic exhaust compounds that are harmful to health. All of these vehicles are tracked in realtime.


Processing of obsolete equipment is carried out at one of our secure facilities, enabling us to catalogue all of your redundant equipment. This generates a full asset listing and eventually a WEEE destruction certificate.


Secure destruction of Hard Disk Drives and other Data bearing media is carried out by way of physical shredding. This is the only process which we feel is 100% guaranteed. Shredding does not allow for the drves to be reused but does give you peace of mind that your data is Destroyed.


 With over 40 years experience in IT Disposal and Asset Recycling we already have the knowledge required in this industry.

Our No1 Priority is customer and client data. Secure destruction of your data allows us to sleep at night.

We believe that secure shredding of redundant Hard Drives, Back-up Tapes USB drives, CD's and DVD's is the only way to Guarantee all DATA is destroyed forever. 

whilst there are many types of software currently available for secure erasure of data, how long will it be until there is new software which CAN recover previously erased data? 

Think about that for a while!


Our services are designed to take the stress away from replacing your existing computers, Laptops, Servers and IT infrastructure.

Covering the whole of the UK our services include

Secure Computer Recycling

IT Disposal services

Secure Data Destruction by Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Datacentre Recycling

Telecoms Recycling

POS Recycling

Mac Recycling

And all of this is done with the minimum amount of disruption to you and your organisation.

We offer both Onsite Shredding and Offsite shredding services through the UK designed for the destruction of

  • Hard drives shredded to 4mm

  • Optical and Magnetic media (CDs/DVDs/DATA Tapes)

  • USB flash media,

Revenue Return: We can purchase re-marketable items from you, this enables us to maximum return to you whilst providing complete traceability and security for your redundant IT assets. This is subject to age and condition of equipment.


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